Indigo Belize - Frequently Asked Questions ……………

Q. How is title to the condominium held?
A. Condo units will have Strata Title – you will have Fee Simple Title to your unit at Indigo.

Q. Is there any long-term financing available?
A. Yes – there will be a limited number of Seller-financed mortgages. Some bank financing may be available – check with us for current rates and loan parameters.

Q. How do I secure a condo at Indigo?
A. Sign a letter of intent or agreement for sale, make a $25,000 USD deposit.

Q. I want to live there full-time, and I don’t want to have renters in my house. Is this ok?
A. Absolutely. It’s YOUR island home!

Q. May I keep a pet at Indigo?
A. Yes – provided that it is a domestic animal (sorry, no goats, cows or roosters) properly supervised and does not become a nuisance to others.

Q. Are there community restrictions and rules?
A. Yes. Articles of Association for the Homeowners Association include provisions to ensure a quality residential community. The Articles are available for your review.

Q. May I keep a boat at Indigo?
A. The pier provides space for boat parking. It is recommended that you store your boat out of the water if you are away for a significant period of time. Dry-storage for boats can be arranged in well secured storage facilities on the island.

Q. What about healthcare ?
A. San Pedro has several well-trained medical doctors. Your general health needs can be well looked after by these professionals. Emergency cases may be addressed initially on-island and then sent by air to one of the hospitals in Belize City. There are two excellent doctor-owned private medical clinics in Belize City. San Pedro has several well-stocked pharmacies. We also have a volunteer first-responder team.

Q. What about hurricanes?
A. They come to our region from time to time but they don’t dampen our enjoyment of this fabulous island. Indigo’s construction is designed to take big winds in stride and the reef protects the shores from large waves. Management is well trained to protect people and property in the event of a storm. Indigo’s diesel generator provides electricity when Mother Nature gives power a flutter.

Q. What’s the cost of living like on the island?
A. That’s relative of course, but by comparison one can have a particular lifestyle here at about half the cost of a something similar in North American or Europe.